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Not everyone in Oz is taking the Olympics seriously. This from the site

They have also threatened to sue the Olympic organising committee because "We are concerned that your site contains visual representations that to a reasonable person suggest a connection between Silly2000 and your clearly inferior site, which can only be described as an amateur and juvenile attempt to capitalise on the Olympics."

Tim ===================================================== Canadian cyclists become Jehovah’s Witnesses “Blood tests against our religion, praise the Lord”

Monday, August 21, 2000

The Canadian cycling team yesterday revealed the latest controversial stage in its Olympic preparations as all members of the team became Jehovah’s Witnesses. Taking blood tests is not permitted according to the Jehovah’s Witness interpretation of the Bible. Coach Nick Morris said the cyclists discovered their faith just minutes before they were scheduled to undergo drug testing. “But there’s more to our faith than just the stuff about blood tests”, says team Captain Michael Symons, who has reduced his physical training schedule for intensely spiritual Bible analysis. “There are a number of passages which seem to me to suggest that the Good Lord does not allow the giving of urine samples either”.

The Canadian team has a history of using unconventional techniques to great effect – in the early 1980s Canada pioneered a new approach to team cycling where team members rode in single file, taking it in turns to come to the front of the line so as to break wind for the riders behind. Dubbed the “line of speed”, the approach soon became a standard race practice.

The team is said to be immensely relieved that their faith came when it did. “I would have felt so retrospectively violated if the truth had only been revealed to me after I gave a blood sample” said one rider. The riders insist that the new God has unleashed reserves of spiritual strength and say they fully expect their devotion to have a performance enhancing effect.

Some Canadian cyclists have expressed some concern about their newfound faith.

“I must admit that I am finding it a little hard to fit in enough training in between door knocking and spreading the Good Lords’ word,” admitted one Canadian cyclist.

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