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Mon Aug 21 18:48:24 PDT 2000

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> Not everyone in Oz is taking the Olympics seriously. This from the site
> <>
> They have also threatened to sue the Olympic organising committee because
> are concerned that your site contains visual representations that to a
> reasonable person suggest a connection between Silly2000 and your clearly
> inferior site, which can only be described as an amateur and juvenile
> to capitalise on the Olympics."
> Tim

I saw that piece in the SMH yesterday, too, and got a kick out of it. (SMH = Sydney Morning Herald)

We should also mention "The Games" -- a TV serial that spoofs the Games management. I've only seen snatches of it. Has anyone else given it a longer look? At a quick glance it appeared to be fairly hearty irreverential fare. There's no way you could get such a show on air in the US -- waay the hell to insubordinate. Big Money'd nix it.

Speaking of management, my guess is that the biggest complaint from Olympics fans is going to be about how impossibly hard it is to get to the show. I spend three days in Sydney every week, and it's already shaping up to be a transportation nightmare. In other words, it's not just the brand new, $43 million, baggage handling system at Sydney airport (which has fallen apart repeatedly in the three months it's been in operation -- thousands of bags held up or mis-tagged), it's the TRAINS. They never run on schedule in any case, which, when everyone's on relaxed Ozzie time is 'no worries, mate', but now...and with a massive extra load of passengers... I heard a rumour yesterday that the Games management is going to hold up events if any of the trains bringing ticket holders is late. Right. I can just see the folks at NBC (or whoever's broadcasting the Olympics in the US) stomping around and tearing their hair because they've just been told, 'Sorry, the, er, men's 400 meters has been rescheduled 'cos the train from Parramatta was held up'.

'Zmatter of fact, I rather like that vision!

cheers, Jo

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