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Sean Hayes shayes at
Mon Aug 21 23:41:57 PDT 2000

> We should also mention "The Games" -- a TV serial that spoofs the Games
management. I've only seen snatches >of it. Has anyone else given it a longer look? At a quick glance it appeared to be fairly >hearty irreverential fare. There's no way you could get such a show on air in the US -- waay the hell to >insubordinate. Big Money'd nix it.

American's living close to the Canadian border might be able to pick up "The Games" from the CBC signal. It's broadcast on Monday Nights at 9:30PM. It's a terrific programme and getting rave reviews up-here. It's a cross between the old British Comedy "Yes, Prime Minister" and (if anyone is familiar with it) and the Canadian comedy series "The Newsroom" (which precedes it on Monday nights here). It's a lovely biting satire about corporate greed, corruption, commercial exploitation and, oh yea, the Olympics. Juan Antonio Samaranch gets a well deserved poke in the eye every week -- it's heart warming. Tonight's episode was doubly ironic as it concerned the Olympic organizers underhanded attempts to control critical voices in the Oz sports media and bring everybody on-board for the big happy games.

It's too bad the series will end with the Olympics. Maybe Melbourne could try for the 2008 games.

> Right. I can just see the folks at> NBC (or whoever's broadcasting the
Olympics in the US) stomping around and >tearing their hair because they've just been told, 'Sorry, the, er, men's 400 meters has been rescheduled 'cos the train >from Parramatta was held up'.

I believe the Americans are tape delaying their Olympics broadcast to the late evening (their time). So the Sydney trains have a thirteen hour leeway to mess with. (I sure hope no American accidentally turns on the Internet and spoil each evening's results.)

Cheers, Sean

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