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Rob Schaap rws at
Tue Aug 22 00:26:12 PDT 2000

G'day Jo'n'Sean,

>We should also mention "The Games" -- a TV serial that spoofs the Games
>management. I've only seen snatches of it. Has anyone else given it a longer
>look? At a quick glance it appeared to be fairly hearty irreverential fare.
>There's no way you could get such a show on air in the US -- waay the hell to
>insubordinate. Big Money'd nix it.

Just backing up your words of wisdom with all the purple passion I can muster on a Tuesdee arvo ...

This show, now in its second series, is quite simply pure genius - half its targets it blows away with almost rude wit, and the other half are subtly flayed until there is eventually nothing left of 'em.

It does the lot - there's nothing left to say by the end of it - and if you can get anywhere near it, I humbly beseech you so to do.

And if I could rave more fulsomely than that, I would.

John Clarke's the name of the bloke wot writes it and has the lead role. Anything you can get your hands on by a Fred Dagg is worth having, as that has been his nom de plume since the seventies.

And, yes, Bill'n'Bill, I'll 'fess up that he's actually a Kiwi ...

Cheers, Rob.

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