Rob Schaap rws at comedu.canberra.edu.au
Mon Aug 21 05:51:36 PDT 2000

G'day Jo,

>Beautiful article -- thanks, Rob. Who's this Tom Morton character?

I think he's a journo with the 'Background Briefing' team on ABC Radio National, Jo, and, yeah, I thought it was a beaut article, too. No use talking about it here, though. Doug's intentions for this list were nobly internationalist, but the wishes of a moderator count for nought (as Michael Perelman of Pen-L knows, too) and a primarily American list remains ever a primarily American list. Guess we ferreners have to learn that if you want people to read your posts, you mustn't let on in the subject line that it might refer to a non-US source or topic.

As Lieberman asked the other day 'Is America a great country or what?'

Put me down for 'what'.

Cheers, Rob.

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