Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Mon Aug 21 07:59:35 PDT 2000

Rob Schaap wrote:

>I think he's a journo with the 'Background Briefing' team on ABC Radio
>National, Jo, and, yeah, I thought it was a beaut article, too. No use
>talking about it here, though. Doug's intentions for this list were nobly
>internationalist, but the wishes of a moderator count for nought (as
>Michael Perelman of Pen-L knows, too) and a primarily American list remains
>ever a primarily American list. Guess we ferreners have to learn that if
>you want people to read your posts, you mustn't let on in the subject line
>that it might refer to a non-US source or topic.

Good thing you used a non-US English word in the subject heading, or otherwise I might have read this post!


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