Fast Company Goes Lefty: Dolan, Klein & CT Union Organizing

Peter K. peterk at
Tue Aug 22 20:53:09 PDT 2000

>The usually insanely hyper "new economy" FAST COMPANY has gone retro this
>month with a whole series of articles about opposition to globalization
>and the elite-based economy the magazine usually trumpets.

Many thanks. My head was sent reeling at the mere thought of this. The Klein article was actually pretty good.

Par example, "And now, in a rather surreal twist, Klein is being invited to talk to people at the very companies that she criticizes. Her message may not be one that they're eager to hear, but her ideas, coupled with increasing public protests, are so compelling that many businesspeople feel they have no choice but to listen. Klein won't talk to individual companies behind closed doors. "I don't want to be a brand consultant," she says. "I think my ideas are enormously unprofitable. But I do want to talk to businesspeople as citizens.'" [snip]

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