Towards a Politics of Truth

Chuck Grimes cgrimes at
Tue Aug 22 21:34:18 PDT 2000

``Buy Michael's book, Class Warfare in the Information Age, if they have it, it's better and cheaper too..........Ian

``Okay, that too. I am headed out the door. Thanks.'' Chuck


See, this is the kind of no work, all play life Chuck0 is getting hell for on the Verizon thread. I try hard to practice as little work as possible so I work four days a week and I am routinely late to work by about an hour everyday I do show up. And the work itself is just about a gritty and essential as it gets. It just has one down side--total fear of poverty and absolutely no future.

Anyway, I am back. It took fifteen minutes. I lied. I went to Cody's instead of Moe's and they had both so I bought both. Then I saw a Wayne Thiebaud book that came out with his show at SFMOMA. I thought, am I going to drag my ass across the Bay on Bart and actually go see Thiebaud? Naw. I'll buy the book. So I got that one too.

After nothing more than a glance at the back, and then three paragraphs into the Preface of Michael Perelman's book I think, shit we've covered this on Lbo, last year. So, I am reading it anyway.

Chuck Grimes

PS. To John K. These look good.

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