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Chuck0 chuck at
Wed Aug 23 07:31:46 PDT 2000

Daniel Davies wrote:
> Although I agree with the basic premise that the
> financial industry is fundamentally useless,
> soul-destroying, unproductive paper shuffling, I have
> to say that a future utopia which has me up to my
> elbows in pig shit, is a utopia in name only. Will
> there be *no* soft administrative jobs in a
> non-capitalist society?

There won't be *any* soft administrative jobs in a non-capitalist economy. In fact, live will be soft so you can goof around most of the time.

> Presumably a few accountants will be needed to keep
> track of the bricks and swill (I am told by those who
> have experience of doing audits at pig farms that it
> is by no means a plum job, but needs must). And,
> assuming that the anarchists are interested in
> efficiency, there will probably be a need for a few
> management consultants. Journalism might be an
> option, I suppose.

I don't know, that would be up to each community. The ways this looks will vary from community to community.

> While I'm on the general subject, I'm not too keen on
> the idea of those re-education camps. I'd just like
> to make it clear right now that if Chuck, Charles
> Brown, or any other of the radical left members of the
> list ever take global power, just give me the
> textbooks and I'll re-educate myself, in the comfort
> of my own home. God knows I have a talent for
> mindlessly parroting the party line, but I hate big
> classroom situations.

In the society I'm working for there won't be any re-education camps and I won't have global power. That the whole gist of anarchism, getting rid of hierarchical power. Leftists in the past have been very interested in seizing power and we know what happened when they get their way. Anarchists abhor the idea of seizing power or taking over a goverment. We're interested in getting rid of state power and putting it back into the hands of each person. There are many different ways of doing this, ranging from revolution to the anarcho-syndicalist idea of the worker withholding their labor.

I don't like this re-education camp idea because I know that I'll just end up with more student loans after being forced to go.


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