The Al Gore Canard

John K. Taber jktaber at
Wed Aug 23 17:37:22 PDT 2000

Matt Cramer (cramer at wrote:


>No, he'll be sure to tell us again that he personally invented it.

He never claimed to invent the internet.


> .gov and
>serious .com involvement in the net is a phenomenon of the past 5
>but the internet is much older than that.

Some of us even attended lectures by Leonard Kleinrock in our youth when ARPANET was being designed.


> but that
>may not seem apparent if you think the internet was created in 1995 by

Nobody does. It doesn't make sense that a person of Gore's intelligence would make such an absurd claim, does it? But it does make sense that his legitimate claim about his role in pushing the "information highway" as it was called 5 years ago, was mangled out of political malice, doesn't it?

There are however sheeple who think Gore claimed to invent the internet.

-- John K. Taber

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