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Doug Henwood wrote:

> Absolutely. And sizzle & mayhem is a foretaste of a better world, no?

It certainly beats several decades of Left ineffectiveness.

BTW, if any of you live in L.A., I'm told that right now KCRW is re-broadcasting a show that I guested on earlier today. Never thought I'd see the day when an anarchist appeared on the same show as a bunch of law professors.

Oh, a little anecdote before I sign off.

So when did I first get an indication that some sizzle was afoot, or, in other words, some pre-Seattle energy? I got a sense that the political tides were turning back in April of last year. I was spending a rather depressing day off protesting the NATO summit in downtown D.C. The Left had pretty much failed at putting up any opposition to the War in Yugoslavia and the anti-NATO protest only drew 300-500 people. The summit itself was ringed by a security perimeter that would prove to be a foretaste of A16, albeit without all the cops.

I was standing there with my sign and a group of high school boys approached me. They were on a class trip from Pennsylvania and wanted to know if they could get a group portrait with me and my sign. I said sure and they quickly struck a pose with me.

After they left it occurred to me that if that encounter had happened back in the 1980s, during the waning days of the Cold War, those guys would have been yelling insults at me. It seemed to me that the ruling class has failed to indoctrinate the younger generation about the craziness and inherent dangerousness of activists. It dawned on me that there was this big opportunity in this mis-education that these kids had received. I think the presence of many young activists in the big actions of the past year has been one of the biggest inspirational developments for many beaten-down activists.

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