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BackTalk Volume 3, Issue 2 (June 1991)

The Official Journal Of The Reverse Speech Education And Research Institute (USA) Revcom - The Society For Reversed Communication Research (Australia)

THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION AND REVERSE SPEECH By: Ralph Thomas Ralph Thomas is an investigative specialist and Director of "The National Association Of Investiigative Specialists, Inc." He publishes their bi-monthly journal, "Connections". He is currently writing a book on the Kennedy Assassinahon and this article is an edited reprint from one of his book's chapters. Ralph is a student in the current Analyst class in Dallas. Copyright on this article is owned by Ralph Thomas and is reprinted with his kind permission.

All reversals quoted in this article (and throughout this journal) are indicated by bold type in the line below the forward dialogue, and have been verified to be exact by the staff of Backtalk. (Anyone who has access to these tapes can play them in reverse and verify them.)The precise sechon of forward dialogue in which the reversal occurred is indicated by brackets -

]. All reversals have been rated on a Validity scale of 1-6 (6 being the clearest) based on its audible clarity and syntactic structure. Some editorial comments are made periodically throughout this article.


Very little comments made by Oswald have been captured on tape. Although he was interviewed by the Dallas Police Department after his arrest, the official story is that no tape recording was made during the twelve hours of interrogation by Dallas Homicide Detective, Will Fritz.

The reason given by Captain Fritz for not recording the interview is that he did not have access to a tape recorder and that he had requested the purchase of a tape recorder for quite some time. I find this hard to swallow. One of the largest and one of the best police departments in the country in the early 1960's certainly had to have a tape recorder and I am certain that it's use would have been considered with an interrogation with the suspect of the crime of the century.

It is a well documented fact that Captain Will Fritz was ordered by the federal government and President Johnson to stop his investigation. Sources reveal that Johnson called Captain Fritz and stated that he had his man and in the interest of national security,"stop your investigation." Based on my research which would be too lengthy to go into in this article, I believe that Will Fritz likely had made tape recordings but they have either been suppressed or destroyed. I think that it is also important to point out that Will Fritz was known among police circles as one of the best police detectives in the country and what ever took place, Captain Fritz was following orders from his government.

There are some comments made by Oswald after his arrest and before his murder that have been captured on tape. He was permitted a very brief news conference and was recorded by newsmen as he made his way to and from the police interrogation room and his jail cell before he himself was shot down. The following is the transcript with speech reversals of the news conference.

Oswald: "I've be accused [of ah, of ah] murdering a policeman." [I know nothing more than that.]" Lone Wolf. (Validity 4) I'm the lonely Camelot. (Validity 5)

Oswald: "I do request that someone [ to come forward], to give me [ah, legal assistance]." I mustn't, I mustn't. (Validity 6) We need more help. (Validity 5)

News Reporter: "Did you kill the President?"

Oswald: "[No I have not been charged with that in fact nobody has said that to me yet]. The first thing I heard about it was when the newspaper reporters in the hall ah [asked me that] question." Shock Daddy. Got one problem, that's nasty unknown. (Validity 4) I didn't scratch. (Validity 4)

That was the end of the news conference. It is apparent from the video of this news conference that the Dallas police cut it off. Oswald appeared frustrated at this point. It's my feeling based on additional research that the news conference was cut off by the Dallas police because they had not intended for a question and answer session to take place at all.

The news conference was held in the police lineup room. Oswald was first displayed to the news media on the other side of the glass but reporters were complaining. The Dallas officers then escorted Oswald out onto the main floor of the lineup room and the reporters were able to ask the few questions.

One reporter asked him as he was escorted away something about the cut above his eye and Oswald responded that a policeman hit him. But the sound track was of very poor quality for reversals at that point with too many reporters talking in the background.

I was able to locate a few recordings from old news reels as Oswald was moved through the hallways of the police station. Here is one of those comments along with the reversals.

News Reporter: "Did you fire that rifle?"

Oswald: "I don't know the facts that you people have been given but I [emphatically deny these] charges." See now I'm the give-up. (Validity 4)

Still another comment was recorded in the hallway when reporters asked Oswald's involvement.

Oswald: "These people have given me a hearing without legal representation or anything." That killer was gifted. (Validity 3)

Reporter: "Did you shoot the President?"

Oswald: "I didn't shoot anybody."Are they all going to dish it out? (Validity 4)

The only other reversals I have found on Oswald occurred during a short excerpt I have of a news conference he held in New Orleans just prior to the assassination (I am currently waiting for a tape of the entire interview). They are "Oswald angry / Hear them. Wish to kill President."

These reversals appear to show the same trend as seen in the preceding nine reversals Oswald made after his arrest, and before he was shot down.

In summary they are:

Lone Wolf I'm the lonely Camelot. I mustn't, I mustn't. We need more help. Shock Daddy. Got one probiem that's nasty unknown. I didn't scratch Help! See now I'm the give-up. That killer was gifted. Are they all going to dish it out?

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