Why Class Warfare May Work This Year

Micheal micheale67 at home.com
Thu Aug 24 19:58:57 PDT 2000

Though perhaps not in equal degree. In a piece elsewhere on the resonance of class-based appeals, David Greenberg notes in today's Slate: "... will the denial of class interests work today? We still suffer from class divisions: The richest 10 percent of the citizenry owns 71 percent of the wealth, and the average worker earns $26,000 a year while the average CEO takes in $12.4 million." Of course, the ever eloquent George W. Bush should be able to explain that away without much difficulty ;-) ______________________________________________________________________

Perhaps, in classic conservative form, Dubya will offer some form of 'social darwinism' as the cause, and a just one at that. Always interesting when a member of the party that fights against the teaching of biological evolution the most, often argues the sociological version. >:)


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