Women Surpass Men Online

John Kawakami johnk at cyberjava.com
Sat Aug 26 12:05:41 PDT 2000

>Important development. Presumably like the telephone this has now
become user-friendly enough to be an aid to communication. The internet as a realm for male techno-freaks is less the picture.

Another important development is that, like the telephone, the internet can now help you make phone calls.... :-)

>Email lists where issues of power and influence are contested, may
remain dominated by men, because of social condition of this role. I suggest.

So, what kinds of software will women develop?

Probably more than in any other major industry, women are involved in the production of software. Granted, it is heavily male dominated, but less so than some other fields with the degree of social significance that software holds today. Will gender affect the direction of software development? Will the role of capital override the role of women in the design of websites and software?

>Chris Burford

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