Women Surpass Men Online

kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Fri Aug 11 09:15:16 PDT 2000

At 07:32 AM 8/10/00 +0100, you wrote: Important development. Presumably like the telephone this has now become user-friendly enough to be an aid to communication. The internet as a realm for male techno-freaks is less the picture.

Email lists where issues of power and influence are contested, may remain dominated by men, because of social condition of this role. I suggest.

Chris Burford



The Buzz: Teen Girls Like Clothing, Music: Seventeen Online Shopping Study By <mailto:buzzmeister at plesser.com>Kate Fitzgerald

Primedia's <http://tm0.com/sbct.cgi?s=64967084&i=230934&d=360050>Seventeen magazine reveals what teenage girls are doing online in its latest survey of 845 subscribers between 12 and 24 years old.

Nearly half of Seventeen's survey respondents said they're spending more time on the Internet now than they did 12 months ago. Email and instant messaging are their top activities online.

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