Academic Regulation of Research: Human Subject restrictions

kelley kwalker2 at
Sat Aug 26 18:05:51 PDT 2000

>Okay, maybe not immediate. How about almost immediate. After all, my
>sister, who was prescribed Prozac when she was grieving over the death of
>her lover,
>*almost* immediately began having horrendous nightmares involving
>extraordinary violence, such that she thought she was losing her mind.
>Those dreams stopped occurring a day or so after she stopped taking the drug.
>Some people do well on that stuff, others don't. Perhaps we should admit
>we don't know everything there is to know about anti-depressants.

doug posted a piece from the guardian i believe, last fall in october or november. in it they talk about the fact that the co. that produced prozac suppressed research findings that showed that it adversely affected a good percentage of those in the tests prior to its approval by the FDA in the states. it does apparently have such adverse effects that some people commit suicide while taking it and, unfortunately, it wasn't anything physicians/psychiatrists were acknowledging.



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