Academic Regulation of Research: Human Subject restrictions

Joanna Sheldon cjs10 at
Sat Aug 26 19:15:29 PDT 2000

My sister, coming as she does from Nebraska ranching stock, knew a bad thing when she felt it. No encouragement and "let's try a lower dose" could induce her to keep taking the shit.


At 11:05 27-08-00 , you wrote:
>>Okay, maybe not immediate. How about almost immediate. After all, my
>>sister, who was prescribed Prozac when she was grieving over the death of
>>her lover,
>>*almost* immediately began having horrendous nightmares involving
>>extraordinary violence, such that she thought she was losing her mind.
>>Those dreams stopped occurring a day or so after she stopped taking the
>>Some people do well on that stuff, others don't. Perhaps we should admit
>>we don't know everything there is to know about anti-depressants.
>doug posted a piece from the guardian i believe, last fall in october or
>november. in it they talk about the fact that the co. that produced prozac
>suppressed research findings that showed that it adversely affected a good
>percentage of those in the tests prior to its approval by the FDA in the
>states. it does apparently have such adverse effects that some people
>commit suicide while taking it and, unfortunately, it wasn't anything
>physicians/psychiatrists were acknowledging.

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