Sensation! "Kursk" was sunk from explosion organized by Dagestan

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Crisis in chechnya Monday, 21st of August 2000 Sensation! "Kursk" was sunk from explosion organized by Dagestan shaheed working on the submarine

The military council of the Chechen mujahideen has late in the evening of 19 August given the sensational statement, confirming that the destruction of the Russian nuclear submarine resulted from an explosion organized by a muslim self-sacrificing fighter. He was a native of Dagestan, who served on the of "Kursk" submarine. The military council says in its announcement that the sailor of the submarine had gone on his mission already in June, with the help of a close Dagestan friend of his, with whom he shared his desire to help the muslims of Chechnya and Dagestan in their struggle against the Russian empire. The sailor had informed that he has access to the secret military-naval engineering and can, in case of good luck, sink the the submarine. He especially emphasized his readiness to face death for the sake of Allah and for the sake of helping his Islamic brothers. He insisted that his name would not be mentioned as he wanted to do this act only for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of glory. The military council of mujahideen emphasizes that it gives this statement only after certainty about destruction of all the crew, and after the risk that the Dagestan hero would get in hands of the Kremlin regime is completely excluded. The Chechen sources inform that Dagestan shaheed of "Kursk" was hereditary a submarine sailor. One of his nearest relatives served on submarines of the Northern fleet during the 2 world wars. According to some information this was Gadzhiyev Magomed, who became a Hero of the Soviet Union having personally sunk some German ships. He is said to have had brothers who also had direct relation to the USSR marine sea fleet and lived in the Northern sea region. Complete failure with performance of elections

The Chechen party reports about a complete failure of the Russians attempt to carry out elections of the Russian Federation duma in the occupied territory of ChRI. The Chechen people uniformly boycotted this attempt of the Kremlin to give the aggression a certain legitimate status. According to the Chechen party only in in the Nadterechnoy district about 18 percent of the local inhabitants participated in the so called elections. In the occupied village of Benoy-Khutor the local inhabitants burnt the ballot box and beat the local chief of the occupational administration. In Vedeno the voting place was blown up, as were a number of voting sites in Urus-Martan and Achkhoi-Martan districts. All Sunday in the Chechen capital arose periodic clashes in various parts of city. "The high activity of the voters" was represented by the members of the armed groups of Kadyrov and Yamadayev and their relatives. Other city dwellers openly boycotted the "elections". As to the refugee camps, there the election process was even less visible. The Chechen people has again proved its will to resist the foreign aggression, and all attempts of the Kremlin to legitimate it have failed completely. Execution of high ranking FSB chief

A special group of Chechen fighters under the Dzhundulla unit has carried out a successful operation on liquidation of the chiefs of the Russian special services in the occupied territory of ChRI. On the road between Germentchuk and Meshker-Yurt a Uazik motor vehicle was attacked with the crew of 5 aggressors. One of them was the chief of the Shali FSB, Sergei Savelyev. While the Russians were trying to offer resistance, another of them was shot, too, together with Savelyev. The others were seriously wounded. The Chechen command has informed that the operation on destruction of those Chechens who join the aggressors and actively assist them, is still continuing. On 20 August, the day of the so-called elections, 2 national traitors were destroyed in Dzhokhar city and 3 traitors in the Nozhai-Yurt district. These were local inhabitants working for the Russian FSB.

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