Joanna Sheldon cjs10 at
Sun Aug 27 22:39:24 PDT 2000


>Anti-Depressants DO NOT HELP GRIEF. Sometimes grief can *trigger*, perhaps
>cause the onset of, depression, and then anti-depressants can help. But
they are
>*NO HELP AT ALL* for "depression" caused by depressing events.
>Unless your sister suffered from a mental illness and *not* simply grief,
she did
>not suffer from Depression. And it is stupid to take a medication for an
>if you don't have the illness.

Makes sense to me. I've always thought it was monstrous that she was offered a drug to control a perfectly healthy response on her part to the the event of a dear friend's death. Fact is, she had to take two weeks off from work to let herself fall apart a little over this thing, but two weeks is all she was alotted by her employer for falling apart, so when the back-to-work deadline loomed she was driven to accept the advice of an irresponsible and/or idiotic pill-pusher.

>Before I go on, one thing you say above is as stupid, and I mean really
stupid, as
>it would be to say that we ought to admit that below zero weather causes
us to
>feel cold. You say, "Perhaps we should admit we don't know everything
there is to
>know about anti-depressants." This makes me want to scream. I have never read
>anything about anti-depressants by anyone who knows anything that did not say
>this. "Perhaps" -- SHIT. "Admit" -- SHIT. "don't know everything" -- SHIT. We
>*know* (no perhaps about it), we *claim* not admit, we take for granted, not
>admit, that we know very little about anti-depressants. That's what most
>psychiatrists tell their patients. For you to write a silly sentence like
this is
>to broadcast to the heavens that you know nothing at all about

You're sounding really goofy here, man. My purported tentativeness was meant sarcastically. And if you've "never read anything about anti-depressants by anyone who knows anything that did not say this", then I guess, uh -- well, gee, Carrol, I'm in purty good company.

Thanks for the mini-diss on anti-depressants.

cheers, Jo

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