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Mon Aug 28 01:52:05 PDT 2000

In reply to someone else, Carrol wrote:

>Before I go on, one thing you say above is as stupid, and I mean

>really stupid, as it would be to say that we ought to admit that

>below zero weather causes us to feel cold.

The human mind is capable of many things. Have you ever gone for a long walk in the snow on a blizzard's night, with your karate instructor?

>You say, "Perhaps we should admit we don't know everything there

>is to know about anti-depressants." This makes me want to scream.

>I have never read anything about anti-depressants by anyone who

>knows anything that did not say this. "Perhaps" -- SHIT. "Admit"

>-- SHIT. "don't know everything" -- SHIT. We *know* (no perhaps

>about it), we *claim* not admit, we take for granted, not admit,

>that we know very little about anti-depressants. That's what most

>psychiatrists tell their patients.

Most psychiatrists don't tell their patients to get more exercise, and take up karate, or tai chi. That would be counter-productive for them, you know?

>For you to write a silly sentence like this is to broadcast to the

>heavens that you know nothing at all about anti-depressants.

Neither do psychiatrists know about the minds ability to elevate the body's temperature. Or if they do, they gloss over it and call it an abberation. It's not. It's an aspect of mental discipline.

What aspect (or lack thereof) Depression represents, I don't know, but I know that persons who remain active don't seem to get depressed.

Perhaps it is counter-intuitive.


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