Flame (well someone's gotta do it!)

Rob Schaap rws at comedu.canberra.edu.au
Mon Aug 28 07:42:39 PDT 2000

Er, so because Reese is basically right about the role of physical activity, he is a malignant idiot and an ignorant shit, eh, Carrol?

Every now and then I remember I should be nice to a sick old man like you, but, hell, I'm not a saint. I don't care what ails you, Carrol, you're just not nice to be around. If you're not too depressed to put finger to keyboard, you're not too depressed to behave yourself in comradely fashion.

Stop being such a self-indulgent, self-righteous, self-tugging old git, willya!

Love, Rob.

>Reese wrote:
>> What aspect (or lack thereof) Depression represents, I don't know,
>> but I know that persons who remain active don't seem to get
>> depressed.
>> Perhaps it is counter-intuitive.
>You are a malignant idiot. I can say and have said more nasty things
>about psychiatrists than you could imagine. Only you're not, as you
>think, attacking psychiatrists, because you don't have a clue as to
>their many real faults, so you make up things that in fact are only ways
>of attacking victims of mental illness. *Every* depressed patient knows
>this (and most psychiatrists and therapists empathize it). The only
>trouble is that the major symptom of depression is inability to be
>Every psychiatrist and therapist also emphasizes exercise. I read the
>whole of Adam Smith's *Wealth of Nations* (at a time when I could not
>read much at all) while peddling a stationary bicycle. While *but only
>WHILE* (not afterwards for more than, say, 30 seconds) my depression
>lifted and my mind became alive. Exercise really does help depression.
>For a very very few patients, exercise is all they need. For the bulk of
>patients, exercise helps but not enough to lift the depression and that
>makes keeping up on the exercise an extremely difficult task.
>One semester I was in particularly bad shape most of the semester, could
>not read papers, could not prepare for class. But that particular
>semester any kind of active social relation was an instant (but strictly
>temporary) relief. When I walked in the door of the classroom, I came
>alive. When I walked out the door at the end of the class I plummeted.
>All these idiots in the world who go around peddling what everyone knows
>as if they were the only one that knew. You know nothing that every
>depressed patient has not been told by psychiatrists, therapists, books,
>articles, friends, him/herself a thousand times.
>You are an ingnorant shit.

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