kelley kwalker2 at
Mon Aug 28 09:31:20 PDT 2000

<snip stuff that would illustration talcott parson's discussion of the 'sick role' nicely>

> You know nothing that every
>depressed patient has not been told by psychiatrists, therapists, books,
>articles, friends, him/herself a thousand times.

well i never heard that lots of activity and exercise helped before, so there!

>You are an ingnorant shit.

such a charmer you are.

i have a question, how do "they" know the difference between depression and Depression? having lived for three and half years with someone who seemed fine and then who, gradually, started singking deeper and deeper into a depression, i started doing some research to see if this was something more than a severe reaction to several rather traumatic events: father committed suicide, no job, band broke up/falling out with friends/, and mother and older siblings moved out of state.

seemed to me, at the time, that there was no way to tell the difference between depression and Depression. but i read you and some folks at the pulp culture list and there is an insistence that there is absolutely a difference. so how do they tell?


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