Lesser-evilism and third parties

B. Deutsch ennead at teleport.com
Tue Aug 29 06:58:08 PDT 2000

Be surprised. There were no celebs. I think some local band(s) played a preshow before the political speakers began, but they weren't advertised as being part of the event, and they were finished playing before the advertised start time of 7pm. It was two hours of speeches by local green party folks, followed by twenty minutes of Wyona LaDuke, and finally an hourlong Nader speech.

The flyers advertising the event beforehand featured a big photo of Nader, and no mention of any music or entertainment.


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: Was Nader appearing by himself or with some entertainment
: celebrities or musicians as well?
: I'd be very surprised that 10,000 people paid $7 to attend a purely
: political rally.
: -Andy English
: >
: >: Btw, is everyone clear on the fact that Nader sold out the
: >: Colliseum at $7 a head? With the exception of lobbyists and
: >corporate
: >: CEOs, does anyone know of a single person who would pay 7 cents
: >see
: >: Gore.
: >
: >The final count was 10,597 people! In contrast, when Bush appeared
: >the University of Portland two weeks ago, he only drew about 2,000
: >people - and that event was free. (Maybe W should have tried
: >folks to attend - he could certainly afford to.)
: >
: >--BD
: >

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