Lesser-evilism and third parties

Andrew English aenglish at igc.org
Tue Aug 29 04:40:41 PDT 2000

Was Nader appearing by himself or with some entertainment celebrities or musicians as well? I'd be very surprised that 10,000 people paid $7 to attend a purely political rally.

-Andy English

>: Btw, is everyone clear on the fact that Nader sold out the Portland
>: Colliseum at $7 a head? With the exception of lobbyists and
>: CEOs, does anyone know of a single person who would pay 7 cents to
>: Gore.
>The final count was 10,597 people! In contrast, when Bush appeared at
>the University of Portland two weeks ago, he only drew about 2,000
>people - and that event was free. (Maybe W should have tried paying
>folks to attend - he could certainly afford to.)

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