the God vote

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Aug 29 09:24:44 PDT 2000

[from Gallup's weekly update]

"I say there must be and can be a constitutional place for faith in our public life,'' Senator Joseph Lieberman and Al Gore's choice as vice-president, told an African American congregation in Detroit this past weekend. Polling suggests Americans are reluctant, however, to mix religion and politics. Although nearly six in 10 Americans (57%) say that religion plays a very important role in their life, only a third say their own personal religious beliefs and faith will be important be in deciding their vote for president this year. This includes 14% who say their religion will be extremely important and 19% who describe it as very important. Another 21% say their religion will be somewhat important to their vote, while 44% say it will be less important, or not important at all. [August 24-27, 2000]

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