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> [from Gallup's weekly update]
> "I say there must be and can be a constitutional place for faith in our
> public life,'' Senator Joseph Lieberman and Al Gore's choice as
> vice-president, told an African American congregation in Detroit this past
> weekend. Polling suggests Americans are reluctant, however, to mix
> religion and politics. Although nearly six in 10 Americans (57%) say that
> religion plays a very important role in their life, only a third say their
> own personal religious beliefs and faith will be important be in deciding
> their vote for president this year. This includes 14% who say their
> religion will be extremely important and 19% who describe it as very
> important. Another 21% say their religion will be somewhat important to
> their vote, while 44% say it will be less important, or not important at
> all. [August 24-27, 2000]

So 54% say religion will be somewhat, very, or extremely important in deciding their votes.

We're left to wonder about the last 46%. Some of them say religion is "less important" (than what?) and some say "not important" (and 2% are unaccounted for).

Looks like, all in all, a pretty small percentage finds religion "not important" in their votes. Doesn't seem like we're all THAT reluctant to mix religion and politics.



"As if giving grounds did not come to an end sometime. But the end is not an ungrounded proposition, it is an ungrounded way of acting." L. Wittgenstein

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