proportional representation

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Tue Aug 29 16:15:13 PDT 2000

On Mon, 28 Aug 2000, kelley wrote:
> thank you thank you thank you. i asked this question about
> two years ago. i fail to see how proportional
> representation is any sort of answer. it seems to me that
> such an approach presumes that groups of people think alike,
> based on identity.

I don't think that is implicit in the notion of PR. (Yes, I've read Guinier's book and I know she does a *bit* of this.) There is nothing inherent in the notion of PR that says voting blocks have to be based on 'identity'. Rather, groups could form on the basis of shared values that would have the chance of for election where they never would in a first past the post system. Why couldn't class based politics take advantage of PR?

> i dont *think* so.

Well as you well know, I don't either. But who (other than *some* advocates) says that blocs have to be of Blacks or Women or Queers or whatever?

> i guess i just think it's the height of ignorance to presume
> that black people think alike, or latinos, or whathaveyou.
> i mean come on! the elian controversy? are all
> asian-pacific islanders alike? what about women? (the
> question i asked last time was with regard to that issue.)

This is not an argument against the potential of PR.


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