proportional representation

kelley kwalker2 at
Tue Aug 29 16:36:26 PDT 2000

> > i dont *think* so.
>Well as you well know, I don't either. But who (other than
>*some* advocates) says that blocs have to be of Blacks or Women
>or Queers or whatever?
> > i guess i just think it's the height of ignorance to presume
> > that black people think alike, or latinos, or whathaveyou.
> > i mean come on! the elian controversy? are all
> > asian-pacific islanders alike? what about women? (the
> > question i asked last time was with regard to that issue.)
>This is not an argument against the potential of PR.

i weren't making one! i was asking questions in a confrontational way because you pagwats don't pay attention otherwise. heh.

also, to clarify: because i'm a dipshit and am thinking about an argument, authors escape (i can't even friggin find the book!) in which the main line of argument was that oppression was the main object of their argument for PR.

so there ya have it. the ole snit girl didn't do her homework and is a ignorant flaming turd!

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