Anti Depressants?...

Reese reeza at
Tue Aug 29 19:30:00 PDT 2000

At 10:59 AM 29/08/00 -0500, Carrol Cox wrote:

>In fact, Reese's statement was a little worse: " I know that persons

>who remain active don't seem to get depressed. As Doug says, I wonder

>what planet Reese is living on. That is, what he *knows* here is in

>direct contradiction with what psychiatry does, already, *really know*

>about depression: that it is the *cause* not the result of inactivity.

>Reese is spreading in the quoted sentence. (Note: This time I'm not

>calling *you* horseshit, Reese -- but it is an objective fact that your

>*opinion* here is horseshit. You've gotten plenty of information now

>on its wrongness, from me and from others. If you persist in this

>horseshit opinion. ???)

Noted. It's a minimalist approach, perhaps even zen-like in it's subtlety. As Clint Eastwood once said, on the subject of staying physically fit, "Do something physical every day."

The fact remains, Carrol, that people who are physically active, tend not to be depressed, that the depressed tend not to be physically active.

You disagree with the approach? Fine, hope you, yours, and everyone else can afford the prescriptions for a problem that predates psychiatry. I'd rather take my dose of reality from a couple laps around the block, than from a pill bottle.


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