Anti Depressants?...

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Aug 29 21:39:46 PDT 2000

>The fact remains, Carrol, that people who are physically active,
>tend not to be depressed, that the depressed tend not to be
>physically active.
>You disagree with the approach? Fine, hope you, yours, and everyone
>else can afford the prescriptions for a problem that predates
>psychiatry. I'd rather take my dose of reality from a couple laps
>around the block, than from a pill bottle.

The problem is that opinions like yours, Reese, will make it difficult for people to afford medicines & other forms of treatment if they become doxa. HMOs & insurance companies will be happy to make "a couple of laps around the bloc" (which would cost them nothing) a standard treatment for clinical depression and other mental illnesses if they can get away with it. The idea that mental illness is not in fact an "illness" but a moral problem of laziness (for instance, unwillingness to stay physically active) constitutes a political obstacle for sufferers.


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