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Tue Aug 29 19:41:39 PDT 2000

At 09:01 PM 8/29/00 -0500, Dace wrote:
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>From: "jf noonan"
> >your credibility
> > would be more sound if you left Frued out of it. Unless, of
> > course, you want to point out the 'ego' on an anatomy chart for
> > us.
>You locate abstraction, identification, hatred, desire, embarrassment,
>competitiveness, self-delusion, and the unconscious avoidance of fulfillment
>on an anatomy chart, and I'll tell you where the ego is.

are you going to answer the charge: that you're hurling terms to connote mental disorders at someone as an insult diluting the meaning of those terms in the very same way you accuse others of doing? are you psy^h^h^h^h^h^........ er what?

i think you're just a little obtuse here btw. point your index fingers, gun like, to each of your temples and hold them there and then shut and squinch up your eyes. reeeeeeeeeeeal tight. then think rilly rilly hard and mebbe you can figger it out!!

looking forward to the free coffee table psychology big picture book analysis from The Dace!

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