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> >You locate abstraction, identification, hatred, desire, embarrassment,
> >competitiveness, self-delusion, and the unconscious avoidance of
> >on an anatomy chart, and I'll tell you where the ego is.
> >
> >Ted
> are you going to answer the charge: that you're hurling terms to connote
> mental disorders at someone as an insult diluting the meaning of those
> terms in the very same way you accuse others of doing? are you
> psy^h^h^h^h^h^........ er what?

That wasn't the charge. The charge was that terms involving mentality have no scientific meaning. I'm not diluting meaning from terms like "ego" in my use of them.

> i think you're just a little obtuse here btw. point your index fingers,
> gun like, to each of your temples and hold them there and then shut and
> squinch up your eyes. reeeeeeeeeeeal tight. then think rilly rilly hard
> and mebbe you can figger it out!!

The brain is not fundamentally different from anything else in the universe and therefore cannot constitute a representation of it. The brain, like all matter, "presents" rather than re-presenting. The mind can't be found for the same reason that it *can* possess the property of representation-- it never presents.


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