Dace edace at
Tue Aug 29 20:14:52 PDT 2000

Thanks, Rob, for the remarks. I can't say you've changed my mind though. You're assuming Reese meant his comment to be constructive. I think it was either intentionally malicious or passively aggressive. I'm betting on the latter, and I think he's used his influence over kelley to draw her into his self-deception (oh she'll love that).

What really bothered me was how, after Carrol's response, it seemed like he was just pleased as punch that he could paint himself the victim of Carrol's horrid invective (oh, cover your eyes!) rather than have to concede any weakness in his comment. Just now he repeated the point again, as if none of the critical remarks of Carrol, Doug, and me ever happened. It's all a power game. If he thinks he's in a position of strength, he can say what he wants and admit nothing. No doubt he was annoyed by your assertion that he was only partially right and partially wrong. No, that's not good enough for him. He's got to be completely right, and all the weakness has to belong to those who disagree. In other words, oh fuck it I won't say it.


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