Dace edace at
Tue Aug 29 22:00:43 PDT 2000


>>Thanks, Rob, for the remarks. I can't say you've changed my mind though.
>>You're assuming Reese meant his comment to be constructive. I think it
>>either intentionally malicious or passively aggressive. I'm betting on
>>latter, and I think he's used his influence over kelley to draw her into
>>self-deception (oh she'll love that).

> you are an asshole. plain and simple. i tell you something personal
> offlist and this is what you do with it? carrol may be a real putz
> sometimes, but you are beyond the pale.

At 7:01 p.m. you wrote:
> believe me, if you knew 1/4 of it, you'd feel like a piece of shit right
> now because reese is going to see what i said as a very big

> criticism well, you can be one of the groomsmen or something and find out
> more.

As you can see, I revealed nothing that you hadn't already revealed to the list. Though your comment was cryptic, so was mine. I figured the reason you wouldn't like what I said was because it's so typical to assume that the male controls the female. In fact, this game is played the other way just as often.

I know you didn't want the news to come out like this. I feel bad that it worked out this way.

You also wrote:
>furthermore, dude, we discussed it for about an hour last night
>*after* he sent the post and when i explained a few things to him in a
>rational way, he got it!!!

No, he didn't. He's conning you (and presumably himself). Check out his latest post on the topic. He's learned nothing.

You should have stated, when you were sticking up for him, that the two of you have a personal relationship. Now, at least, your motivation is clear.


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