Anti Depressants?...

kelley kwalker2 at
Wed Aug 30 12:40:27 PDT 2000

At 09:02 AM 8/30/00 -1000, Stephen E Philion wrote:
>Carrol writes:
>As Doug's comment brings out, Reese exults in his freedom from illness
>just as the white racist exults in his/her white skin.
>Steve writes:
>Actually, rest assured that Reese is only able to exult in an *assumed*
>freedom from illness. For all he knows, at this moment he is in the early
>stages of an uncurable disease...he simply has no way of actually
>knowing whether he is free from disease, regardless of how many tests
>he should take to find out...the irony of such exultation
>is that it is utterly unscientific, even less than shooting Craps...

man, are you the poster boy for the word obtuse now? the point was whether such things as small d depression should be treated with drugs. both of you seemed to miss reese's acknowledgement that he was talking past carrol b/c he was talking about small d depression and its over medicalization and treatment with drugs that may be dangerously over proscribed. believe it or not, it is a new idea to a lot of people to learn that there is such a thing (possibly) as the kind of Depression that carrol, maria, and dace have been speaking of.

and that was exactly what joanna was saying as well, but got treated to the Grumpy Guss Rant. yes, a lot of us have a pull yourself up and of it attitude re small d depression. i do. and i've been small d depressed to the point of barely leaving my home after my run in with the sizzlean last year. my mother told me to get off my butt after a couple of months. lots of people said, quit whining. like carrol said about himself: they were right. it was getting there. but i could afford to stay on my butt because i had some cash in the bank and teach so have summers off. so, i --just like carrol'sfriend-- was depressed and wallowing in it because i could afford to be. (no dear people i'm not saying that depression/Depression is an affliction of those who can afford it)

reese was haughtily pronouncing that his choice is to treat with exercise, not unlike the poster boy for Dick was suggesting that he treated his problem with a different diet. ferfucksake! snub people for being assholes regarding haughty attitudes that may well exude from the position of privilege of never having been there but realize two things.

1. having "been there" is no guarantee for otherwise we'd see a uniformity in response to the experience of, say, blackness with regard to how to respond to racism.


2. try to work a little harder at actually understanding what someone is saying. remember: we are all sooooooo much smarter than people who don't share our politics, so we can do much better than they can. right?


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