Naderites Craft "Fix It or Nix It" Campaign

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Sat Jan 1 10:23:37 PST 2000

But given America's current politics, "reform" or elimination of the IMF and the WTO will push us toward an America that Pat Buchanan likes and not toward an America that Lori Wallach likes, no? Brad DeLong

[not addressed to BDL in particular]

I'm not sure what Lori W. likes or dislikes, but if liberalization is so all-fired important, any destruction of an institution like the IMF or WTO must be followed by new pressures to recreate them. If the predominant left wing of the anti-global constituency holds out against corporatist reformulation, it can negotiate a more democratic one.

The same pragmatism in labor that is regularly excoriated here makes a "nix" call an invitation to fix. The only question is how good a deal labor decides to fight for.

There is no meaningful right-wing, anti-global organized force. It is solely a creature of Buchanan and Perot. Just consider the Reform Party, which makes the Dems a paragon of organization and discipline by comparison.

"National capital" is similarly a joke. Millikin can spend all the money he wants. He's not going to create a movement out of incoherent logic and the likes of Lenora Fulani. Where is the great line-up of 'national capitalists'? What have they got besides a few hole-in-the-wall organizations?

So the logic of anti-globalism/anti-neoliberalism is social-democratic and left-populist.


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