Naderites Craft "Fix It or Nix It" Campaign

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Sat Jan 1 11:35:25 PST 2000

>There is no meaningful right-wing, anti-global organized
>force. It is solely a creature of Buchanan and Perot.
>Just consider the Reform Party, which makes the Dems a
>paragon of organization and discipline by comparison.
>"National capital" is similarly a joke. Millikin can
>spend all the money he wants. He's not going to
>create a movement out of incoherent logic and the
>likes of Lenora Fulani. Where is the great line-up
>of 'national capitalists'? What have they got
>besides a few hole-in-the-wall organizations?
>So the logic of anti-globalism/anti-neoliberalism
>is social-democratic and left-populist.

I hope you're right. I fear that you've been hanging out in Dupont Circle too long. Move to Orange County. (Hell, move to Mendocino County.) Move to Oklahoma City. You might think differently...

Brad DeLong

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