"Economic Nationalism"? (was Re: Who Killed Vincent Chin?)

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Jan 2 12:21:22 PST 2000

rc-am wrote:

>so, then, what exactly was *thwarted* by US intervention in Nicaragua? in
>nestor's terms and yours, it is nations, nationality (the difference
>between the two is that, for nestor, the latter is supposed to refer to
>something more real or at least better, fashioned outside imperial and
>colonial spaces).

Given Lou Proyect's interest in the role played by the Miskito Indians - abused by the Sandinistas, used by the CIA - it might be interesting to think about he relationship between nationalism (by definition an exclusionary process) & the Nicaraguan revolution.

And given Patrick's citation of Smith's Rhodesia as a national development model, and kind words offered by HCKL & others for Nazi economic policy, you have to wonder how separable these economic models are from the unambiguously repellent nationalisms that produced them.


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