"Economic Nationalism"? (was Re: Who Killed Vincent Chin?)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Jan 2 22:14:18 PST 2000

>From Doug to Angela:
>>so, then, what exactly was *thwarted* by US intervention in Nicaragua? in
>>nestor's terms and yours, it is nations, nationality (the difference
>>between the two is that, for nestor, the latter is supposed to refer to
>>something more real or at least better, fashioned outside imperial and
>>colonial spaces).
>Given Lou Proyect's interest in the role played by the Miskito
>Indians - abused by the Sandinistas, used by the CIA - it might be
>interesting to think about he relationship between nationalism (by
>definition an exclusionary process) & the Nicaraguan revolution.

So, what about the Miskito Indians now -- are they better off now that the Sandinistas are long gone?

>And given Patrick's citation of Smith's Rhodesia as a national
>development model, and kind words offered by HCKL & others for Nazi
>economic policy, you have to wonder how separable these economic
>models are from the unambiguously repellent nationalisms that
>produced them.

Are you saying it is inherently racist or fascistic to try to come up with a national development model that might serve as an alternative to what exists now? If your idea is that Third World political activists had better reject any aspiration toward defining their own national economic policies (for doing so is inherently "exclusionary"), what's your alternatives? AFL-CIO and the Zapatistas?


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