"Economic Nationalism"? (was Re: Who Killed Vincent Chin?)

Jim heartfield jim at heartfield.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 3 06:29:46 PST 2000

>>Given Lou Proyect's interest in the role played by the Miskito
>>Indians - abused by the Sandinistas, used by the CIA - it might be
>>interesting to think about he relationship between nationalism (by
>>definition an exclusionary process) & the Nicaraguan revolution.

'Nationalism by definition an exclusionary process' - well, that saves thinking about specific instances. Is nationalism 'by definition' an exclusionary process? On the contrary, it is often a process of uniting disparate groups, i.e. a process of inclusion, as with the creation of Germany or Italy out of the principalities.

In Nicaragua, as elsewhere, imperialism manipulated an isolated minority to challenge the legitimacy of third world nationalism (see Kosovars, Marsh Arabs, Ogoni, Kalahari bushmen and other recipients of Western crocodile tears). That's sad, and if the Sandinsatas had been blessed with perfect foresight then perhaps they could have avoided that tragedy. But the truth is that the Miskito Indians made their choice when they signed up for Reagan's 'Freedom Fighters'.

Characteristically the real story is one of imperialism's 'divide and rule' policy against a people uniting to oppose it, and then we have the nerve to blame their 'nationalism' for 'excluding' the Miskito Indians. -- Jim heartfield

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