Populism (as shown in *The Progressive Populist*

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sun Jan 2 14:49:06 PST 2000

Chip Berlet wrote:

>Please provide an example to back up this claim. I cannot recall PRA
>our me ever having done this. It is the kind of claim that
>circulates on the right about our work but I am surprised to see it
>on the LBO list. Check out the PRA publication list or our web page
>to see what our focus is. Such stereotyping of PRA is very tiresome.
>We work very hard to challenge liberal thinking on these issues.

I have to stick up for Chip & PRA here. I've been following his & their work for years, and it's always seemed serious and sophisticated, an honorable exception to the paranoia about the right that circulates among liberals (which almost always ends up as an endorsement of Democrats as the only plausible alternative to the imminent victory of the brownshirts).


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