Jean-Christophe Helary helary at eskimo.com
Tue Jan 4 00:09:51 PST 2000

> Jean-Christophe Helary wrote:
>>I'm pretty sure that a few years from now, we'll be informed that in fact
>>such and such company/gvt agency had really a major problem but for
>>security/publicity reasons it was covered up... :-)
> And if we can't tell, does it matter?

Well, I think it does. Especially in the case of gvt agencies. Democracy is based on the access to information. Without information you can't take 'informed' decisions as a citizen. Any cover up of any story goes against democracy, or maybe I'm just naive...

About the y2k problems, and as far as my local area is concerned. I just got confirmation from people working in the prefectural government - medical facilities dpt, that they are still under alert (until tomorow). They had multiple problems, mostly small things but still get 'bug' reports from the various hospitals, clinics and related facilities.

I think I understood that they would have a national official report covering all the prefectures as well as the central government's agencies tomorow or the day after. It will probably be in the news.

Jean Christophe Helary

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