Tudjman's party loses

Alexandre Fenelon afenelon at zaz.com.br
Tue Jan 4 15:59:53 PST 2000

> These alignments in post communist societies are complex. At present in
> Russia it is the socialism of the Communist Party that is more progressive
> than the hastily cobbled together war coalition of oligarchs and media
> magnates headed by Putin and Berezovsky.

I would like to agree with you, but I doubt if the KPRF is very diferent from the chauvinist Unit Party. They doesn't seem to take socialism seriously. Instead they seem to be only a nationalist Party nostalgic from USSR superpower status. In fact, they simply couldn't offer an alternative to Putin's policy and supported the war on Chechnya even more fanatically then their right wing counterparts

Alexandre Fenelon

> But in Croatia, today we should, with our eyes open, welcome the defeat of
> Tudjman's party!
> Chris Burford
> London

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