The Nazi Economy

Ulhas Joglekar ulhasj at
Wed Jan 5 16:10:41 PST 2000

Daniel Davies:

Absolute surplus value is hardly non-capitalist mode of production.

DD seems to believe that policies and programmes of the bourgeois state can eliminate business cycle. This would have to be established.


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> Why do Ulhas and Ken (and Sonn-Rethel for that matter) think that a switch
> producing relative surplus-value to absolute surplus-value --
> alternatively, a switch from capitalist to non-capitalist mode of
> production -- would result in an economic miracle? There seems little to
> support this thesis, and much (including much in Marx) to support the
> contrary point of view that the capitalist mode of production is more
> efficient, given the productive forces available in 1930s Germany.
> dd

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