bourgeois highdomes

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Jan 5 18:08:25 PST 2000

Michael Yates wrote:

>And, Doug, after all you are a Monthly
>Review author too. If you don't agree with Ellen Wood or John Foster,
>debate them in the magazine. Don't tar the whole enterprise to score a
>couple of points on the list. What is the point of it?

I'm most certainly not tarring MR with anything, nor am I trying to score points. ichael Hoover asked me to name some names, so I did. I'm a big admirer of MR as an institution and of the people around it. I disagree with them on this pomo obsession, that's all. I've tried to broker public discussions between Ellen & the Rethinking Marxism people, but she won't play along, which is too bad for all concerned, I think.


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