propping up a dead AG

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Thu Jan 6 07:08:53 PST 2000

Carl Remick wrote:

>In the same spirit, from today's Slate: "La Repubblica of Rome ran
>a front-page comment Wednesday comparing the reappointment of
>Greenspan to the Italian peasant tradition of carrying in procession
>a statue of the Holy Protector to placate the weather. 'Yesterday
>Bill Clinton raised the blessed icon of Alan Greenspan in the
>world's central square against the sudden and furious storm that is
>sweeping through the stock markets,' it said."

The morning the appointment was reannounced, CNBC ran a live shot of Greenspan's car pulling up to the White House, into the driveway, and disappearing in the distance. Truly iconic.


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