Mr. Byfield's C- Posts

rc-am rcollins at
Thu Jan 6 07:51:39 PST 2000

>CB: Oh , I see. Maybe. But there was this emphasis on having not answered
the questions.

not having answered a question to substantiate one's ongoing claims by citation is not quite the same thing as being pursued "for no reason" is it?

>how about harass then?
>to trouble, worry, torment, as with cares, debts, *repeated questions*,
> trouble by repeated raids or *attacks*... Michael Hoover

what, you mean like those endless posts attacking 'pomo'?

daniel can churn those numbers through his stat machine, and i'll bet that yoshie looks particularly fixated and obsessional about this pomo thing by comparison to ted's occassional questions to substantiate.

Michael Hoover wrote:

>Nor have most marxists I've known and worked with outside academia
>and 'left intellectual' circles ever sat around and agonized over
>postmodernism. In any event, postmodernism is sooo '80s.

agreed. so it remains to explain the agony.


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