Civil Society Marches Toward Global Governance

Michael Pugliese debsian at
Tue Jan 11 03:58:39 PST 2000

Doug wrote:
>If you're talking about social mobilization of a very plural sort,
I'm all for it. That isn't the way the term is used by its proponents though. If I get another propaganda sheet from some squishy foundation promoting civil society I may buy an assault rifle. The kind of mobilization you're talking about isn't very civil - if it's done right, it means sharpening social conflict. The civil society people are all about neat conversation and the "reasoned" mystification of social conflict.

I'll buy the bullets, Doug. And to think I used to be into Habermas. Had the M.I.T. Press book edited by Jean Cohen and Andrew Arato, two former Telosians, on civil society. (In the series on Contemprary German Social Thought.)

Michael Pugliese, who lives in a bad neigborhood, where only "Saturday Night Specials" can be obtained, and the only gun shop in San Francisco, The Gun Exchange on 2nd street closed a few months ago. Think if I e-mail Alex Cockburn, he'll get me in touch with Larry Pratt? All my friends, except for one wouldn't touch a gun, and I know there are 200 million of 'em already here.Remember when the NRA ran those ads trying to sell the line that they weren't just a bunch of well 'ya know but, were even Black Democrats? Congressman Mike Espey was in one I saw. "I'm Michael Espy. And I'm the NRA!"Did the NRA help in his legal defense against the special prosecutor? Harumph. Last little comment, a rhetorical question really since guns do frighten me but, the Austrian Social Democrats in the period before Hitler had workers self-defense militias. If fascism really ever did come down here (and I really don't think so, no matter how awful things appear, optimist me thinks it can always get worse but somehow right before the REX-84 plan of Ollie North gets implemented, the "masses" will storm the equivalent of the Winter Palace in D.C. and proceed to commence the second American Revolution (or the third, didn't Barrington Moore say the Civil War, was the 2nd?).

" Michael P.," (with tongue slightly in cheek) "I am the NRA?" If so I'll need some company at the firing range. Doug? Charles? Ring, Ring!!!(Wayne La Pierre is calling gotta go.)

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