2000-01-10 OMB Fact Sheet

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 11 04:28:57 PST 2000

Max wrote:
>("the Arlen Spector National Library of >Medicine").

Once I get up to speed at the firing range, I'm gonna hire Senator Spector. Hear he's good at the science of ballistics and tracing how bullets fly. Ask Jim Garrison...Or JFK.

Michael, getting ready to visit the Dick Armey School of Economics, after I call Tom DeLay about this problem with cockroaches. And call George "Dubya" Bush for some Columbian marching powder. Rep. Steve Largent will help me with my football passing. And Helen Chenowith will help me fight off those U.N. NWO goons gonna take away my RTKABA.

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