working the SAT system

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jan 11 09:30:46 PST 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Los Angeles Times - January 9, 2000
> New Test-Taking Skill: Working the System
> More and more college-bound students are requesting extra time on the
> SAT, citing learning disabilities. But, in disproportionate numbers,
> they are rich, white and male.

This suggests the trickiness involved in pushing for reforms in institutions (e.g., WTO) that are fundamentally anti-worker. The problem is not how this or that feature of SAT is misused. The problem is SAT (and all other college-entrance examinations). All reforms of SAT will turn out after the fact to be disasters. Just as all reforms of WTO (or all political activity aiming at such reforms) will turn out after the fact to be disasters.

I could see the abolition of SAT as being a campaign that could be important in any future student movement.


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